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Products with natural fibers and Italian design.


Find out which fabric is best suited to your needs, to fall in love with what you wear every day.



Never seen a clothing cool in summer and warm in winter, fantastic!

Diana, pilates instructor

We are a young and dynamic company founded in 2018 with 100% Italian design and production, constantly looking for eco-sustainable manufacturing companies with certified fabrics in natural fibers and eco-friendly dyes and prints to experience clothing in harmony with nature for a better world.

We believe that daily well-being depends on many small things, such as physical activity, proper nutrition, and clothing in line with these principles, which is why we have created products with natural fabrics and REACH certified bio dyes.


What Clients Say

"Breathability, the skin is now dry and breathes naturally with both heat and cold."
"Finally a direct contact with nature, with tangible advantages and a healthy ideology."
"Quality clothing, ideal for sports and everyday life."

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Bamboo fiber is obtained from the stems and from the leaves of the plant.
It is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.
Because been tenacious and durable over time this fiber gives a soft and caressing touch feeling very similar to silk. It has also the ability to absorb and release moisture offering a healthy wear with the skin breathing and keeping itself fresh and dried in all conditions.
The bamboo fiber is of course antibacterial and because of its all good characteristics it is suitable for the creation of versatile and comfortable garments to wear.


The fiber obtained from castor seeds is light and breathable. It is naturally antibacterial.
It offers an excellent thermal insulation and due to its elasticity it becomes ideal for underwear packaging and for sports clothing.
The fiber obtained from eucalyptus seeds adds to these excellent characteristics a balsamic and equally hygienic nature because it can naturally block the microbes growth keeping the skin protected and well dried.
Both of them are 100% organic, eco-sustainable and biodegradable.


Organic cotton is a fine fiber been the result of a sustainable plantation respecting the environment because it avoids the pesticides and pollutants in every stage of production.
Been delicate on the skin, organic cotton fiber is especially suitable for those suffering allergy and dermatitis desiring to wear delicate and skin-friendly clothes.
Organic cotton is soft, pleasant to the touch and it allows the skin to breathe, offering a dry and comfortable wearing in any climatic situation.


Jute fiber is obtained from the corchoru shrub and it is very similar to the hemp.
It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Jute has a rough surface and a special color showing white, yellow and brown shades with shiny or silvery reflections
The appearance is of course rough and the texture offers high breathability and strong tenacity.
These characteristics make the made jute fabrics suitable for a multiple and versatile use, fully environmentally friendly and respectful to the skin.